STARVED Pledge under the ARMOUR Innitiative.

In the interest of changing cultural perceptions to create a positive and moral code, Starved Magazine has taken a pledge against supporting artists, musicians or brands that go against our ethical code or promote the violation of any human right to safety and happiness, across all of our platforms.

 STARVED has the right to refuse the promotion of content* that includes the following:
  • Profanity (directed towards a person’s gender, race, nationality, religion or character)
  • Racism and religious hate speech
  • Material promoting sexism, femicide, pornography, pedophilia, rape culture & violence towards any gender and LGBTQ persons, of any age
  • Content supplied by companies/brands run by persons involved in the trafficking of women and children for sale through sex trade networks for monetary and/or personal value (known and proven cases)
  • Brands that produce goods through means of illegal Labour Trafficking through Bonded or Forced Labour including illegal Child Labour (known and proven cases)
  • Material promoting hard substance abuse
  • Material promoting any form of animal abuse
  • Material eluding to, promoting or normalising violence of any kind.



* As a public platform, we do not wish to validate any of the above mentioned content in any way or form unless the content is aimed at supporting the eradication of such violations, or promotes awareness of the related issues. STARVED also reserves the right to call out any content that directly violates our values on the above matters. 

"The violation of Human Rights occurs every second of every single day across the world. Art, music and social media are mass mediums that either sensationalise and promote social downfalls or creates awareness and support to encourage a more positive landscape. 

 After much deliberation STARVED has taken a pledge to refuse content that is discouraging and directly (or indirectly) encourages the violation of human rights, with immediate effect. We also assume the right to reject the promotion of brands who practice illegal and unethical activities or forms of marketing or product creation as we value human life and disregard any attempt to dehumanise it. 

 As a result this means that some artists, musicians and brands may lack support across our platforms which is deeply saddening as our full purpose is to support talent that needs the recognition and build our creative economy and our youth. 

 As a woman, a creative and a human being in the interest of the protection of human life on a global scale, I aim to take on the antiquation of what, over centuries, has become 'social norms' that on a daily basis violate lives and in priority the protection of woman and children.”

 ARMOUR. Humans for Humans.

 As part of STARVED efforts to create joy, ARMOUR, is a non-profit initiative that aims to find solutions to assist in the prevention of danger that violates human rights in any big or small way together with established human rights organizations. Together we need to re-form a world that is safe for the most vulnerable of our societies and spread love and empathy in every single thing we do. What is happening around us is not okay and together we need to expose all injustices and flip it on its head." - Annie Raman. Starved Magazine founder.

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