Music collective, Frenz come together to push one cohesive vision

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FRENZ is a music collective consisting of two high school friends who decided to come together to produce and play music.


As the name suggests, Frenz is about a union, partnership between two young individuals who possess different energies but come together to push one cohesive vision. The music they produce is based on a youthful approach to making and playing music whilst fusing it with retro elements.

The main genre is Soulection, which is a broad genre, influenced by Jazz, RnB, Hip Hop and Dance Music. The two group members are influenced by Hip Hop, RnB, Jazz and all modern dance music, especially electronic music as this is the music most millennials connect to, which is expressed in the music they produce and play.

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The goal of this music duo is to bring about a fresh take on what South African DJ’s and Producers can be. They want to bring a youthful energy to not only the South African dance music and hip hop scene but the global one too without compromising the quality of the music production.  The Soulection genre is the future of not only dance music but music across all genres as well because of its cross genre DNA. 

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FRENZ is on a mission to push the movement further whilst reinvigorating youth culture, art, and the general creative space that is fuelled by young people across the world. 

FRENZ x PUMA Captured By: Prince Mphomane


Facebook: FRENZ

Twitter: @Frenz_SA

Instagram: @myy_frenz

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