Becky & The Birds release debut single ‘Holding On’ amidst feelings of sexism and self doubt

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Swedish singer and producer Becky & The Birds has today released her debut single ‘Holding On’.

The track is a gigantic swooning sound production, self written and produced by Thea Gustafsson. The young musician breaks through musical barriers with an ear for rumbling trip hop and R&B with seductive vocal emphasis, making 'Holding On' a continuous play and repeat track. 

Dear Thea, never stop what you're doing.

- Annie Raman | Starved editor



The result of 'holding On' is similar to the likes of SZA, Solange or Ella Fitzgerald and has reached the ears of musicians 

Becky & The Birds is the moniker of Thea Gustafsson, the 21-year-old from Örebro who writes, produces and sings all of her own music and attended the prestigious Musikmakarna Songwriters Academy of Sweden, which kickstarted the careers of LÉON and Skott.


Thea has already clocked up millions of streams as a topline vocalist in high profile collaborations, however these relentless sessions with all-male producers began to grate on her. “I always had this voice inside me—society’s voice—that was like ‘No, you can't, 'cos you're a girl, that's for the boys’” she explains.


“I was like, I can't do this any more—having all these dudes mansplaining, sitting with their spread legs,” Thea says. “I was just so frustrated. When you have a really clear vision yourself, it's difficult to compromise. 


At one particularly bad session with a producer  “I felt the whole panic that you feel when you think you're not good enough“ – it led her to develop a whole new guise; Becky & The Birds.

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Taking responsibility for production, Becky & The Birds sees Thea in full control of her work, rejecting the pop saturated sound of her native Sweden and resulting in a true-to-self, multifaceted project.

Where pop tends to value visibility, Becky & The Birds favours obscurity. Casting a new personal signature with Becky & The Birds, Thea expresses her unique, genuine experiences in a sensual new sound.

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